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Dear Sir/Madam:

  As a teacher at school, I am writing to provide you a recommendation for Miss/Mr. so as to help you assess her/his application for acceptance into your program and consideration for financial aid.

  Considered a promising student with originality and sophistication in her/his thinking, (she/he was asked, in the spring semester of 20xx, to develop a subsystem of a DBMS project for her B.S.thesis, for which I was the chief leader. T

  his subsystem was designed to manage the information of materials in NO.1 Foundry Plant of Dongfeng Auto Works.To do the job, she/he read many books about software engineering and took some courses in Database Principles and Management. Keenly aware that the design of a DBMS decides the quality of the whole software system, she did her/his utmost from the beginning of the project.)(参加过什么活动). From analyzing user’s requirements to designing the whole system, from the detailed designing to the final programming, she was very level-headed and full of innovation every step of the way. Taking full advantage of her ability and creativity, she firmly focused herself on her objective and gnored all distractions. She successfully reached her goal. In the final software testing, only a few bugs were found in her subsystem. My appreciation of her talelent was thus confirmed.Miss is a very personable woman, friendly and helpful, and she has always been a team player in her work.

  I would greatly appreciate it if you could give her application for candidacy to your Ph.D. program favorable consideration. Should you need any further information in your deliberation, please do not hesitate to contact me.




  I am pleased to write this letter for my former student Miss Nan Li, who graduated from this College with an L.B. degree in June 1978.Miss Li was admitted to the Department of Law of this College in 1974 through highly competitive entrance examination which is conducted annually and is open to the whole nation. Even in such a selective group. Miss Li made herself distinguished. As professor and dean of the College, I have access to her records of academic work and moral conduct, In her fourth year study, I instructed her in Anglo-American Laws on Trespass. So I have known her quite well. Miss Li's performance, like that in many other courses she taken, was excellent with a superior grade of 86 for the first semester, and 84 for the second semester. In our university and in other university here, 80 is considered "A" , the highest level. As far as I know, Miss Li wishes to continue her study in Law for an advanced

  degree. I am sure she has had sufficient prerequisite knowledge for the subject and certainly has the ability to undertake the study. I recommend Miss Li without reservation and shall appreciate your

  favorable consideration of her application.


Dear Admission Committee:

  Miss Pan Bei requested a letter of recommendation from me to support her application for graduate program at your university. As her teacher, I am pleased to comply with her request.

  I first got to know Miss Pan when she enrolled at university and I was the assistant director of her class at that time. Being a professor for several years, I noticed that due to the lack of self-learning ability, it is really challenging for students, even those performing excellent in senior school, to keep up with the college speed. However, as a diligent girl without any solid background in Computer Science before college, she adapted quickly to the especially competitive environment in our department. At the end of the first year, she earned the 5th rank in her class, while ranking 1st among the girls. I was fairly impressed by her self-learning technique and exceptional efforts. Hence, I believe, goal-oriented, not afraid of inchoateness and with persistence, she has the quality to make achievements.

  What distinguished her among her classmates, I think, was that she went far beyond acquiring excellent scores in the exams and instead got her range of knowledge enlarged. In spring, 20xx, Miss Pan took the course I taught named “Algebraic Structures and Combinatorial Mathematics”. This inquisitive and assiduous young woman was sometimes the last to leave after my class, raising novel questions related to the subject. I found that she understood the knowledge in depth and detail. Furthermore, I still remember during the spring vocation in May, due to the break-down of my mail box, I missed her mails to discussing some questions. But the following week during the course time, she asked me directly. Her zeal for knowledge and the spirit to explore answers really leave me a deep impression. Finally, she was among the few students who got almost full marks in every test in class which showed her exceeding grasp of every chapter. Thus, I gave her 98/100 for the excellent performance in my course.

  In summary, I have every reason to believe that Miss. Pan will make outstanding performance at your university as a graduate. I would appreciate greatly if you give her a favorable consideration. Please feel free to contact me directly if more assistance is needed.

Faithfully yours,

  Wanling Qu, Professor

  Department of Computer Science and technology Peking University

  Email: qwku.edu.cn


dear colleagues:

  this is to recommend ms. shan shan, a graduate from this university’s department of international business management, for acceptance into your mba program.

  i have known ms. shan as a resourceful and goal-oriented individual since 1990, when she attended a lecture i delivered, at which she asked perceptive and challenging questions. although she did not officially take a course with me, she often consulted me on issues arising out of her studies. i therefore have come to know her well. i feel strongly that ms. shan’s unusual talents and abilities will stand her in good stead for a quality mba education, which should serve as a major boost to her career.

  while at this university, ms. shan was an outstanding student, boasting excellent performance in all subjects of her studies and demonstrating great potential. her overall gpa ranked her among the top 3 in her class of 40 students. but ms. shan was no bookworm devoted exclusively to exams. she read extensively in subjects outside her major, particularly in business law, marketing, finance and journalism, all of which seemed to be fascinating to her. in recognition of her intellectual strengths, the department offered, at the time of her graduation, to accept her into its graduate without the normally mandatory examinations. she, however, turned down the offer. a highly independent woman, she already had her own agenda set. she wanted to obtain practical management experience first and then proceed to pursue a master’s degree in business administrative in your country. she apparently made the right decision, for she has since become one of our most successful graduates in her crop of students.

  ms. shan is good at communicating in both oral and written english. some of he most important undergraduate courses were taught by american professors, many of whom considered her oral english as native and her written english as standard. i am sure that she has since improved her english a lot more in her professional life.

  in ms. shan, we all saw an optimistic and easy-going character. with highly unusual determination, she is not to be daunted by any difficulties. she believes that, with hard work, she can achieve anything she wants. i think her confidence in herself is well grounded in her track record, especially when considering the fact that she entered into this university as the daughter of a most impoverished family, but graduated as a top student.

  judging by what i know of her, i think ms. shan is fully qualified to pursue an mba degree in your program. i therefore recommend her with enthusiasm. and i shall greatly appreciate if you can favorably consider her application for admission and financial aid.

  yours sincerely



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Dear Colleagues:

  As a teacher in Department of Biology, Nankai University, a leading university in China, I am very pleased to take this opportunity to recommend one of my favorite students to your PhD program.

  In September, 20xx, Miss Zhang was my students in General Biology, the first professional course they take in the field. She likes it very much. I teach her in an open and interactive manner, she is active and passionate about answering class questions. Miss Zhang is bright, energetic and enthusiastic girl who loves speaking out her own ideas. She never escapes from those points of which she is skeptical. Apart from that, she often puts forward her ideas upon questions and exchanges all of her innovate ideas with me after class.

  Upon ending of General Biology course, I asked my students to write an essay upon their understanding of biology. I discovered Miss Zhang’s essay was so impressive and persuasive; her careful essay comes from dozens of references to Biology literatures. In essay Miss Zhang stretched out her creative thinking upon status quo of biological research and branches in the field of biology. All of this speaks to her creative and logical and scientific thinking capability. I am gladly to say that Miss Zhang has a clear understanding about General Biology, that comprehension has been reflected fully in her essay. Therefore Miss Zhang got a full point for her essay in her class, and other students took it as model essay for granted.

  I believe Miss Zhang’s industriousness, passion and dedication will make her an ideal candidate you are seeking for your program, so I highly recommend her without any hesitation to you. And I will greatly appreciate it if you could accept her into your program.

  Sincerely yours,

  Prof. ×××










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